The Windsor Advantage

Proven Aligned Interests

  • Windsor is a family office and the majority of our own investable assets are allocated to our programs, alongside our investors.

Unique Creative Approach

  • Principals trained by top tier academic institutions
  • Principals possess deep experience successfully navigating financial markets
  • Most algorithms developed in house
  • Algorithms designed to be disciplined, repeatable, and scalable

Transparency and Liquidity

  • Investment vehicles offer daily liquidity
  • Separately Managed Accounts with no minimum hold
  • On-line access to see position and valuation*

* On-line access is available for clients who select Trust Company of America as their custodian. Other custodians may also provide similar on-line access.

Robust Institutional Infrastructure

  • Experienced team adept at multiple platforms
  • Redundant processing, trading systems and servers
  • Fail-safe mechanisms in place
  • Utilize multiple ISPs and data vendors to protect information flow
  • Entire building connected to an Uninterruptible Power Supply
  • UPS seconded by a gas-powered generator
  • Off-site backups to ensure operational continuity

Independent Relationships

  • External service providers, including custodians like Trust Company of America, provide our clients with even greater comfort
  • Learn more about how TCA Protects Your Information (Opens as a PDF)
  • Learn more about the TCA Advantage (Opens as a PDF)